Competencydemonstration: Best cdr writing services for engineers australia | Australian immigration cdr sample
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The aim of is to provide preparation of Competency Demonstration Reports (CDR) assistance to engineers from all over the globe. also helps in the preparation of Knowledge Assessment 02 (KA02) & Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). The same applies in application for membership in stage 1, in application for chartered status in stage 2 with the engineers Australia and VETASESS. Without a doubt leads in the providing of such services globally. Our strongest areas are in quality, delivery and pricing.

Services We Do

When it comes to the services provides, we specialize in many fields that are associated with skills assessment. As such KA02 application writing for IPENZ, Stage 1 application for Membership, Stage 2 application for Chartered status with the Engineers Australia, and VETASESS, ACS applications and CDR writing for Migration Skills Assessment with Engineers Australia are among the types of assistance we give.

CDR Writing is a means through which all engineers seeking to attain Skilled Migration Australian visa can prove their level of competencies.

As noted previously, Career Episode Writing is very important in writing Competency Demonstration Report. It is important to the EA as it will be used in judging…

Summary statement must be written in a table form as prescribed by the EA. One has to ensure a correct number of elements, units and indicators are mentioned…

The Competency Demonstration Report offers more than just editing and proofreading to engineers and experts who want to submit their reports the Engineers of…

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is the determination of individual skills in cases of applicants’ with no tertiary or computer qualifications. According to Australian Computer Society (ASC) applicants are required to possess key skills before they consider migrating to Australia. Based on this requirement, ASC assesses some of the applicants who do not have the stipulated requirements.

Knowledge assessment 02 which is also known as KA02 is an engineering application or a technical report that is used for Skilled Migration to New Zealand. In this case, the body requiring the report or where the reported in submitted for assessment is the Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ). The body is a non-profit making organization of New Zealand engineering professions.

Competency Assessment from Engineers Australia Stage 2


Competency Assessment from Engineers Australia under Stage 2 is divided into Two domains:


  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)
  •  National Engineering Register (NER)


Chartered status is the certification of personal engineering competency. A Chartered Professional Engineer is deemed to have attained the highest level of engineering professionalism through practice. Engineers who want to register as chattered professional engineer with Engineers Australia needs to demonstrate engineering competency in areas such as leadership, expertise, quality, and safety. is the best writing service provider for CDR, RPL and KA02 in Australia and New Zealand. We offer report writing services for Skilled Migration & Immigration at reasonable costs. We guarantee services that are fast and considerably affordable. This is in comparison to other service providers in report writing. Our payment modes include, PayPal, Payment through a credit/ debit card, payoneer MasterCard among others and Price Beat Guarantee.