Competency Demonstration Report for Engineer | Competency demonstration report | Competency demonstration report cdr
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Competency Demonstration Writing is a means through which all engineers seeking to attain Skilled Migration Australian visa can prove their level of competencies. The competency assessment is done by the Engineers Australia (EA) which sets particular guidelines on how an engineer should prepare his or her Competency Demonstration Report.


In most case, the applying engineer is requested to do the competency demonstration writing on their own to allow assessment of their communications skills by their assessor. In this regard, if one presents a poorly written Competency Demonstration Report to the assessors, he or she considerably lowers his or her chances of settling in Australia. Consequently, there is the Competency Demonstration Writing Services for EA to help such candidates when they are preparing their Competency Demonstration Reports and achieve positive assessment and to eventually land their Australian Visa. Importantly, the competency demonstration writing services comprise of professional writers who have over the years helped hundreds of engineers write their successful competency reports and to, later on, settle in Australia for their careers.


Based on their expertise, there are seven hints to writing a successful company demonstration report that can help one present quality report according to EA guidelines.


The seven tips include:

  • First, before one embarks on writing the Competency Demonstration Report, it is important he or she comprehend the reason for writing the report, and then he or she should carefully read and understand the guidelines presented by EA concerning the report. Again, it is as well important to note that the report must have three elements that is one, the list of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  Two is the Summary Statement, and three the Career Episodes.  The three elements each serve important roles in the report, and hence none can be ignored. The moment one understands the role of each of the elements; it will then be easy to write the report.


  • The second tip is to understand that the Australian English has a lot of similarities to the British English. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful on the choice of words, writing styles, and spellings to ensure that the report draft goes according to the Australian standards. Fortunately, for competency demonstration writing services, there are qualified proofreaders and editors are keen to quickly spot any errors or inconsistencies that may come with language barriers. They make corrections in such areas and hence it will be important to pass your Competency Demonstration Report through them.


  • The third tip according to one of the best competency demonstration writing experts is that selecting topic for one’s Career Episodes.  The professional noted that it is not easy and equates it withheld the battle of writing a good Competency Demonstration Report. He, however, gives a tip that going through the competencies as outlined by EA is very important. It is as well important to choose events in life that prove that the applicant posses the characteristics required. The competency demonstration writing services help their clients by giving them questionnaires that will enable them to give the right information that will be relevant to the type of Career Episodes they chose.


  • The fourth hint is to learn that EA is not interested in knowing your company but you as a person. In this case, it is important to skip the unnecessary details about the company’s market share and history and instead stick to what you have individually done for the company. Also, talk about rewards you made the company receive and the ones you received as a person. Lastly, in this respect, it is important to be ready to prove and substantiate your claims.


  • The other tip is to recognize all the paragraphs of the Career Episodes are important. For instance, under the Summary Statement, there has to be a reference and the competency elements they are linked to. In this respect, the competency demonstration writing services state that the Summary Statement should be on the first page because that is where most assessors read. The section is also necessary as it shows to the assessors how well the information was analyzed and as well serves as the first impression you give to the assessors.


  • The last tip is to use the Competency Demonstration Report samples as the only available references. They should never be copied as that will lead to plagiarism which is one sure way of getting a Competency Demonstration Report rejected. Because in other instances, plagiarism accidentally occurs even when one sits down and thinks of words to write.  In such cases, the competency demonstration writing services will provide you with plagiarism content checker and removal services because the EA will not determine whether plagiarism was intentional or by mistake. Editors will as well use advanced tools to notice and highlight areas that in the Competency Demonstration Report that needs paraphrasing.

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