KA02 Writing - CDR Report
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KA02 Writing

Knowledge Assessment Report Writing

Knowledge assessment 02 which is also known as KA02 is an engineering application or a technical report that is used for Skilled Migration to New Zealand. In this case, the body requiring the report or where the reported in submitted for assessment is the Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ). The body is a non-profit making organization of New Zealand engineering professions. It comprises of members who are majorly engineers or those who have interests in engineering. Because the body is responsible for career development of its members, it has morals codes that must be followed in all its undertakings by the members. Just like EA, IPENZ requires migrating individuals to have relevant skills before applying for the Skilled Migration. Because of that, the body came up with the assessment process to determine who migrates to New Zealand especially for those with no ICT qualifications. In this regard, the applicants have to prove their sufficient qualifications and experience in ICT, and that is the main reason why they have to submit the Knowledge Assessment 02 report.


Therefore, the main reason for submitting the KA02 report is to provide the applicants with no ICT qualifications a chance to prove their skills. They are expected to explain to IPENZ the skills they possess and how they acquired them. IPENZ will then assess to determine if the skills presented are relevant to their standards. The applicants should as well mention fundamental areas they have been able to acquire knowledge relevant to the IPENZ. The process is the same for the applicants with degrees and diplomas but the lack professional experience similar to those offered in New Zealand.


In this regard, candidates as well have reprieve through the competency demonstration organization that offers best knowledge assessment 02 report writing services for those willing to showcase their skills before IPENZ. The organization offers their services to all types of engineering. The reports are written according to the standards of the IPENZ as the team is aware of their requirements. Thus, the organization guarantees its clients close to 100 percent approval rate by the IPENZ.  The body first offers to the candidates the first assessment that is similar to that of IPENZ.


According to IPENZ, there are two types of KA02 reports that must be submitted in line with the guidelines. The first one is based on the fact that if a candidate has graduated from a college or a university of another country that have accreditation of Washington Accord and has the guidelines of New Zealand Colleges and Universities and his or her qualification is considered relevant to that of New Zealand standards then the applicant is expected to hand in KA01 to IPENZ. The other report is concerned with a case whereby the candidate graduated from a college or a university without Washington Accord or any other New Zealand University then the applicant must hand in a KA02 application report.


KA02 is vital to the engineers that are graduates from non-accredited countries and want to move to New Zealand. The institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand assesses the graduates’ skills according to their experiences, qualifications, and knowledge in ICT department. Not everyone who applies for New Zealand Skilled Migration qualifies to be chosen as all of them have to prepare their Knowledge Assessment report. One could have several years of experience but is not able to write a quality report in the required manner. It shows that the knowledge they have is not enough and does not meet the requirements of knowledge assessment report. Due to increase in New Zealand Migration applicants, assessment has continued to be more and more vital. The main challenge lies in writing of Knowledge Assessment report thus important to write it in a systematic and significant manner.


Reason for choosing cdrreport.org

The company leads when it comes to distributing of significant Knowledge Assessment reports to New Zealand Skilled Migration applicants. It has a team of writers is knowledgeable, skilled and can provide guidelines to applicants on the best way to writing the reports. They are also experienced thus give hopes of being able to qualify among the many applicants. Moreover, their proficiency in English helps them write successful reports. They also know the requirements for every domain. Orders made are complete before the deadline, and the applicant is given a chance to go through it before submitting. The organization uses special software that can detect plagiarism and enable us to remove any mistake in the paper. Therefore the final paper given to the applicant is usually a clean copy, with no plagiarism or grammatical errors. Importantly, the organization also has full information about Knowledge Assessment, its specific processes and what they need from the applicants thus can provide the required reports. There are different engineering departments that we cover examples, computer, chemical, electronics and many more. Additionally, everyone else planning to migrate to New Zealand can get the well-written reports for Knowledge Assessment. In this way, it does not only deal with graduates alone but also other people around the world. Again they have a team of customer service who are available anytime and any day. Anyone can communicate with them using messages, calls or email. This way, they can assist anyone at any time regarding migration to New Zealand. 99% of our work is always approved. Therefore, they are the best service provider for writing Knowledge Assessment reports. Moreover, with our expertise, we are independent, ready to work with any New Zealand migration applicants for ICT to provide quality reports all over the world.

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