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Our Services

When it comes to the services provides, we specialize in many fields that are associated with skills assessment. As such KA02 application writing for IPENZ, Stage 1 application for Membership, Stage 2 application for Chartered status with the Engineers Australia, and VETASESS, ACS applications and CDR writing for Migration Skills Assessment with Engineers Australia are among the types of assistance we give.


CDR report preparation for migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia is among the eldest services and major routes that provides. More so, we handle CDR preparation from scratch if services are ordered that way. If so, the requirements needed in such situations include confirmation of one’s occupational category for instance a professional engineer, the ANZSCO code one is applying under and one’s English exam results in cases where one has already been taken. If none of the above is clear to an applicant, we provide advice. Attachment of curriculum vitae is also mandatory.


The next step that we take is allocation of a skilled technical writer to handle the information provided. The allocation to a technical writer is always determined by one field of practice. For instance, for an electrical engineer, the writing is allocated to a technical writer skilled in electrical engineering. It is right to point out having engineering qualifications is mandatory for our technical writers. What follows is that the applicant will receive a question list from his or her career episode 1. The list will be based on ones professional experience. What’s expected is that the sent questions be answered and sent back.


On our part,, based on provided answers will write ones first career episode. Wherever necessary we will input our own information for efficiency. If more information is needed we will ask more questions. After a period of 4-5 days the career episode is delivered after going through quality check internally. The same applies to career episodes 2 and 3.


In addition, we will write a summary statement for you. This is after all the three career episodes have been quality checked, delivered and approved by you. Also, no contribution is needed from your side when it comes to writing a summary statement. Regardless, input is required for the CPD and we will carry on with the preparation.



Concerns have been raised on how we handle plagiarism. In response to this, we indicate how we incorporate the use of sophisticated software which matches one CDR report to internet sources and other related reports. This being a vital issue in the submission of applications to Engineers Australia or other organizations, plagiarism is handled seriously. This enables that we guarantee our clients with a 100% plagiarism free application.


What if you have all or part of your Career Episodes ready?

In such a situation, the part we play here is to ensure that your career episodes comply with engineers Australia requirements. More so, if any adjustments are needed for better efficiency we contribute here. In cases where we are unable fill up missing experience on our own we contact you with questions about your career experience. In addition, in such circumstances, charges for our services are lower, depending on the provided career episodes.


What if I don’t have the needed experience?

This applies mostly for engineers who are fresh grandaunts or in situations whereby an engineer hasn’t worked within their professional field. Hence, it is obvious that they do not have enough experience to write all three career episodes. What we do as an organization is provide research services. Under this, we carry out research and single handedly prepare your career episodes. Charges on services in such situations are dependent on how extensive the research carried out was. A 100% plagiarism free policy still applies here.


KA02 application and other services

In the same manner we work on CDR report writing so does Our KA02 and other services work. Considering the fact that applicants are expected to demonstrate different skills in different skills assessment organizations, we provide specific information for each applicant. As such, we send a question list that is precise the organization and the application type.


Here, charges for services vary. This is dependent on the type of application and the effort used in preparing the application. More information is provided for in our “services “drop down menu. Or one can contact us through email at

Get in touch with our qualified and experienced writers