Stage 2 Competency Assessment Engineers Australia - CDR Report
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Competency Assessment from Engineers Australia Stage 2

Competency Assessment from Engineers Australia under Stage 2 is divided into Two domains:


  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)
  • National Engineering Register (NER)


Chartered status is the certification of personal engineering competency. A Chartered Professional Engineer is deemed to have attained the highest level of engineering professionalism through practice. Engineers who want to register as chattered professional engineer with Engineers Australia needs to demonstrate engineering competency in areas such as leadership, expertise, quality, and safety.


Assessment Pathway

There are four assessment pathways available for the engineers who want to apply for Stage – 2 Assessments (CPeng):


  • Professional Development Program or PDP
  • Engineering Competency Report or ECR
  • Mature Experienced Engineer or MEE
  • Mutual Recognition Agreement or MRA


Documents Required for Stage 2

After the selection of E-Chartered pathway, the engineers seeking the Chartered Status recognition will be required to submit a numerous document. The submission items are meant to provide documented evidence to the Engineers Australia for the assessment of the level of engineering competency of the applicant.


Following are the 4 main submission documents required by the Institution of Engineers Australia for registration as a Chartered Professional engineer:


  • Engineering Competency Claims (ECCs)
  • Engineering Experience Record (EER)
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Record
  • Updated Resume


Engineering Competency Claim (ECC)

Depending on the E-Chartered pathway selected, the number of Engineering Competency Claims (ECCs) will vary between 11 and 16. Those who opt for Engineering Competency Report or ECR pathway are required to submit 16 engineering competencies claim (ECC). Each engineering competency claim presents a detailed explanation of personal engineering involvement in technical projects. Engineering competency claims are usually prepared based on few elements that are mentioned in Stage 2 Competency Standards published by Engineers Australia, and they included:


  • Personal commitment as an engineer in service
  • Demonstration of value at the workplace
  • Clear demonstration of technical proficiency
  • Obligation to the community as an engineer


Engineering Experience Record (EER)

Engineering Experience Record (EER) is a short description of employment and job roles in about 700 words. The process of preparing the EER is time consuming and relatively complex. However, with background knowledge on the requirements, it can be easy to prepare all submissions. with these expertise and knowledge will assist you to prepare your Chartered Status (CPEng) registration with Engineers Australia. Our step by step guide will lead you to ultimate success in clearing your stage 2 competency with Engineers Australia.

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