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Summary Statement Writing

Summary statement must be written in a table form as prescribed by the EA. One has to ensure a correct number of elements, units and indicators are mentioned when he or she is referring to them or linking them to any text that had been mentioned in the Career Episodes. Remembering that in Career Episode, it is done in paragraphs, therefore the paragraph number one is referring to in the summary writing must be mentioned so that the assessors have an easy time of identifying them. Competency demonstration summary statement writing is therefore important in the drawing of example from particular elements and indicators outlined by the EA and according to the Career Episode. Experts suggest tweaking of the Career Episode to ensure they are relevant enough for the assessors.


How A Successful Summary Statement Appear Like.

When one studies samples of the Competency Report Summary Statement carefully, it can be realized that the statements do not include all the indicators talked about in each element of the Competency Demonstration Report. The meaning of this is that while it is important to refer to the indicators mentioned, it is not necessary to take everything in the career episode. The summary statement only includes the indicators from the CE that one has written about. However, it is important to keep in mind that for a successful Summary Statement, there are at least three indicators that one must aim to talk about. The first one is mentioning of one’s engineering skills and knowledge. The second is the indicator on the application of ones engineering abilities and capabilities. Lastly, one has to mention the indicator of his or her personal and professional characteristics. It is as well important to note that it is highly advisable to cover many indicators in every Career Episode as much as one can be capable of mentioning. The Competency demonstration writing services through their experts ensure that in every element at least two indicators are carefully selected. They ensure that indicators from skills and knowledge base are carefully selected and do the same to indicators of personal and professional characteristics. Lastly, at least a minimum of three indicators is picked from engineering ability and capability section. The mentioned indicators will be accompanied by their reference numbers as mentioned in the Summary Statement.  Again, at this section, it is important to withhold many details concerning ones engineering application events and activities that he or she participated in. The Engineer Australia puts much emphasis on them and hence can make the Competency Demonstration Report fail or succeed. Importantly, based on the expert’s analysis, it has been realized that one bigger mistake the applicants make when writing their Competency Demonstration Report summary statement is to direct the assessment team to the wrong paragraphs in the CE. In this case, the applicants prove that they do not understand things; they do poor analysis or are distracted. In such analysis by the assessors, it is almost confirmed that the Competency Demonstration Report will be rejected.


Tips To Put Into Consideration When Writing a Successful Summary Statement

The tips are divided according to the key indicator areas that are, the skills and knowledge base, engineering application ability and personal attributes. Skills and knowledge base, to begin with, the section has a generic approach. One has to use details of his or her engineering design work. The section, therefore, is used to show whether one possesses the required skills and knowledge and whether they were able to apply such knowledge and skills to the number of projects and engagements mentioned.


In the initial summary statement, one has to mention only the paragraphs and link them to the indicator. It is, however, better to include two indicators in this section. Meaning that one has to pick two instances from the career episode where he or she demonstrated the mentioned element.


Engineering Application Ability

According to the Australian Skilled Migration Assessment, of the three sections, this is the most important section of summary statement writing. For professional engineers, the section is highly important as they showcase their capabilities. In this section, one has to try to include at least three indicators mentioned in the template and ensure they are referenced with paragraphs from the CE.


For every element mentioned, it is required that the details of engineering engagements are well defined. Payment of special focus on the application of processes of design is as well important. Again, it is advisable that all the instances of design experienced are mentioned as many times as possible.


According to the experts of writing competency report summary statement, it is necessary to go through the entire description of indicators and to comprehend it as a whole. In this way, one will be able to differentiate between one indicator and the other and to draw proper instances for every career episode mentioned. For instance, the initial element can be showcased through engineering challenges one went through and how they were solved. The second element can be checked by considering the engineering tools, software, and technique that that were used. The third element can be about the designing experience one had, and the fourth element should be achieved through mentioning the general management experience.


Personal and Professional Characteristic

It is important to note that the section is not about one’s engineering work, but it encompasses one’s personality that can be considered as desirable for an engineer. While doing this section, one is expected to display effective communication skills and to be in a position to present the information accordingly, the applicant show his or her demeanor at his or her workplace, he or she should prove elements of good team leadership and membership and, it will be very important to include details of professional ethics, innovation, and creativity.  In this respect, the best way to demonstrate ethics and professional accountability is to mention what one has done that ensures the safety of other workers and the environment as well.

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